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Coastal Brown Bear


This unique corner of Alaska offers the best opportunity for a COMBO coastal brown bear (not grizzly) and Alaska-Yukon moose hunt.

Due to the healthy brown bear population and lack of hunting pressure in the Guide Use Area (GUA) we hunt, tags are guaranteed, over-the-counter.  It is a “One bear every regulatory year” area.  

This is a fantastic coastal brown bear area.  The combination of abundant moose, and heavy annual salmon runs make for high numbers of resident brown bears.  This year-round access to quality protein is what allows these brown bears to grow to their legendary proportions.  ABO offers both spring and fall coastal brown bear hunts.  

A Coastal brown bear hunt, like any hunt in Alaska, has its unique challenges.  Brown bear hunts usually involve days of glassing, punctuated by a quick dash to close the distance on a perspective trophy.  Be prepared to wear hip boots and rain gear for 10 days, because the weather can require it.


Spring Hunts

Spring coastal brown bear hunting begins in late April, when brown bears are first emerging from the den.  We access known denning areas via supercub equipped with snow skis.  Hunting is done on snowshoes from a comfortable tent camp.  Tents are the 10’x10’x6’6” tall “Bomb Shelter” style, complete with cots and heater.  

Boars tend to pop out first, and hair quality and claw length tend to be in their finest condition at this time of year.

As the spring progresses, brown bears make their way down to feed on the first green grass that sprouts in back bay flats and avalanche chutes.  We follow them to the beaches in May, using inflatable zodiac boats to access the best tidal flats and beaches.  This is a great time to pattern a big boar that is making a habit of visiting the same grass flat.

May is also a great time to do a combo coastal brown bear and black bear hunt.


Fall Hunts

This area offers a unique opportunity to do a legitimate multi-species hunt.  Brown bear, Alaska-Yukon moose and mountain goat all reside in this area in great numbers.  The hunting seasons for brown bear, moose, mountain goat, black bear and wolf are all open September 1st through November 30th in this area.  Brown bear and moose combination hunts are especially popular and productive.

By the time we start hunting coastal brown bears in late September, bears have been stacking on the pounds for more then 3 months, gorging themselves on the abundant pink and silver salmon returning to their freshwater birthplace.  Brown bears tend to repeatedly use the same fishing holes, and targeting these and other high protein sources is very effective for big fall-time coastal brown bears.  

These fishing holes attract many brown bears, which affords hunters the unique opportunity to witness brown bears of all sizes fishing and interacting with each other. It's the perfect opportunity for that 10 footer to waddle in.

Hunting over a fishing hole is one of the safest, most productive ways for the dedicated archer to connect on the ultimate goal of taking a coastal brown bear with a bow and arrow.

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