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The Hunt


At Alaska Backcountry Outfitters (ABO) we strive to assist you in making your adventure dreams a reality.  We choose to book a limited number of hunters each season, focusing on the quality of the individual experience.  We strive to work with each prospective client in customizing their hunt to provide a uniquely personalized adventure.  With the support of our experienced pilots, hunts are conducted in some of the most remote reaches of the Alaskan bush.  While the remoteness of our Guide Use Areas (GUA’s) make logistics more involved, we believe it is the key to the trophy quality and the quality of the Alaska experience overall.  No one wants to feel like they have competition from other hunters, especially on a guided big game hunt in Alaska.  The remoteness of our GUA’s ensures exclusivity as well as trophy game quality. As a result of the remoteness and quantity of game, hunting seasons and bag limits are among the most liberal in Alaska.  Our first class, licensed guides will take you to your limit, to safely help you achieve your outdoor goals.  That being said, the hunters physical ability is the single most limiting factor in the level of success on any Alaska adventure.  These are real fair chase hunts that take place in some of the most demanding terrain in North America.  Regardless of the big game species hunted, Alaska big game hunts are among the most physically and mentally demanding adventures that todays hunter can undertake.  The more a hunter arrives prepared for the physical and mental rigors of a 10 day hunt in the Alaskan bush, the better their chance of an enjoyable and successful adventure.

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