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Alaska-Yukon Moose


This unique corner of Alaska offers the best opportunity for a COMBO Alaska-Yukon moose and coastal brown (not grizzly) bear hunt.   Alaska-Yukon moose, brown bear, and mountain goat all reside in this area in great numbers.  The hunting seasons for moose, brown bear, mtn goat, black bear and wolf are all open September 1st through November 30th in this area.  Alaska-Yukon moose and brown bear combination hunts are especially popular and productive.

This Guide Use Area (GUA) consistently produces massive, nontypical bulls of the 60”-70”+ calibre.

Moose hunts are conducted from mid September through October, to coencide with the rut in that area.  Calling moose is a very effective and exciting technique this time of year.  Imagine a 1500 lb bull with nearly 6 feet of antler and a crazed lovesick look, closing in on you, looking for a fight.

Hunts begin with a supercub flight to one of the hundreds of river gravel bars that snake through the area.  The comfortable tent camp will be set up near the landing site.  The camp consists of a 10’x10’x6’6” tall “Bomb Shelter” style tent with cots etc. for a comfortable escape from the elements.  From there we employ a combination of spotting from hillside vantages, and calling, to locate trophy bulls.

This GMU has great moose densities, and it is normal for hunters to see several legal bulls on any given day.  This is a 50” or 3 brow tine area.

Hunting the Alaska-Yukon moose, the largest of the deer species, in the heat of the rut, with the back drop of Alaska’s beautiful fall colors, and glacier carved peaks, is something that every hunter should experience at least once.

Check out the moose hunting packing list here.

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