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Mountain Goat


Mountain goats are a real specialty of ours at Alaska Backcountry Outfitters (ABO).  Mountain goats are the most under-rated big game animal on the continent. An Alaska goat hunt ranks among the most physically demanding on Earth.  While the season begins in August in our area, we conduct hunts from the end of September through November.  This ensures the billies our hunters kill have the outlandishly, shaggy coats that Alaska mountain goats have become rightfully known for.  We hunt only male, “billy”  goats, with 9”-10” horns, and great hair.  

If you are only going to do one mountain goat hunt in your life (and lets face it, thats reality for most of us), you owe it to yourself to do it in Alaska.  You will go home with a trophy mountain goat in full winter pileage, with the white shag that is the true definition of a trophy mountain goat.  Another advantage is that tags are available any year you decide to hunt.  You don’t have to wait to draw a mountain goat tag, you can hunt them now, before you get any older. 

Most hunts begin with a supercub flight to a ridge, above brush-line.  While the plentiful goats can usually be seen from any moose camp along the river, a supercub flight into mountain goat country serves 2 purposes.  The brutes generally live between 2000’ and 3000’.  The first 1000 feet are often the steepest, and always the most brushy part of the ascent.  With a supercub flight, we begin the hunt in mountain goat country, saving time and physical energy.  Depending on the situation, goats are then hunted from this base camp, or a backpack camp is packed to a more strategic location.  

For the dedicated archer, killing a mature billy is a very realistic goal.  The patient archer, using the terrain and wind, can close to within archery distance.  We have guided several bowhunters to record-book billies.

Because there are so many trophies goats in our area, this is one of the only big game hunts that can be done with two hunters and one guide.  So, if you have an adventurous friend contact us for 2x1 mountain goat hunt details.

The goat populations are so healthy in our area, guarnteed, over-the-counter nonresident tags can be purchased every year.


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