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Hunting with Mike is one of my favorite Alaska memories.  I found him to be both physically and mentally tough while keeping a positive attitude each and every day. This is a rare trait in outfitters and guides. Mike is a great choice if anyone is considering an Alaska Adventure.

- Jason, from Utah

Owner, Worldwide Trophy Adventures


"Your dedication and determination leads to success on the mountain..or wherever your adventure may take you."

- Scott, from Wisconsin


phone: 907-331-8450




"I have been hunting for approximately 45 years trying to achieve the
North American 29. I have hunted with all types of guides and
outfitters in Alaska, Canada, United States and Mexico. All types of
hunting styles on horseback, back packing, remote camps fly in, off
skiffs and float planes. You will not encounter anyone more dedicated to your success, than Mike Petersen. His experience is the
hunter's secret edge. When I hunt in Alaska, I personally request Mike
Peterson to guide me."

- Bill Osuchowski. Syracuse, NY.

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I have been a Bow Hunter most of my life. I have been a guide in Oregon, Montana, and Alaska for over twenty years. I am currently an ambassador for BowTech archery and on several different pro staffs in the industry. In May of 2016 I went on my first guided hunt. My guide was Mike Petersen, the owner of Alaska Backcounty Outfitters. The camp was a backcounty-style camp with all the comforts and amenities. It featured great food and was very comfortable.

     I was on a ten day Alaskan Brown Bear/Black Bear hunt. I harvested the #11 Pope and Young Brown Bear on my seventh day. We had unfavorable weather all week but still managed to see at least a bear a day. Most days we saw multiple bears . I was quickly impressed with Mike’s poise and knowledge. When we spotted a bear he would calmly size it up and make a game plan.

As a bow hunter I truly appreciated that Mike wasn't what I call a “double tap guide” - one that shoots instantly after his client. It was very easy to see that Mike takes great pride and has a great passion for the outdoors and guiding.

    I plan on taking my wife with Mike in the very near future on an Alaskan Moose hunt. 

If you are planning an Alaskan hunt, I would highly recommend Mike and Alaska Backcountry Outfitters. I have guided hundreds of clients in my career but I can honestly say that Mike ranks up there in the class of the Guide who guides Guides!

- Brett Gesh, Washington


“This last spring I had the Alaskan Brown Bear hunt of a lifetime.  This was a hunt I had dreamed about for over a decade.  With the help of my guide, Mike Petersen, of Alaskan Backcountry Outfitters, I successfully harvested a 10+ foot monster brown bear. 

Mike’s knowledge and experience in hunting these animals made all the difference in my experience. He exceeded my expectations in almost every way, and helped me to realize a long-time dream hunt.  I would definitely recommend Mike’s guide services to anyone who’s looking for an awesome brown bear hunt!”

- Dominique Ruybal


I have had the privilege of being guided by Mike Petersen on two different Mountain Goat hunts. I am amazed at the dedication and determination to succeed. Not only was I successful on both trips, I harvested a 12 yr. old Billie. A trophy of a lifetime. If you do your part and come prepared both mentally and physically, be ready for the hunt of a lifetime.

- Curt Shatzer


I have been friends with Mike for over 20 years. His passion is the great outdoors, and it shows in his work ethic as an outfitter. There is no other person I would choose to take me, a family member or a friend on a hunting adventure in the wilds of Alaska. His experience is unmatched and patience is undaunting. Mike works to insure that his clients have the best time possible on their hunt. My hunting adventure was the most epic hunt I've ever experienced, and I have Mike to thank for that.

- Jason Brandonburger


"I could not have asked for a better guide for mountain goat hunting, a slower guide maybe, but not a better one. This hunt was one of the hardest, but most rewarding hunts I have ever done. Thanks to Mike, I stuck it out and got a beautiful, old Billy. Could not be happier with the whole experience."

- Lora Young


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